Europe Still Has Some of the Largest Arms Manufacturers

As some of the biggest advocates of peace at this day and age, it comes as a surprise how the European Union is one of the biggest exporters of weapons globally, and yet that is exactly what the reality is. A major portion of the European Union’s economy as a combined entity goes into research of large, medium, and small arms equipment.

This article will point out the major arms manufacturers in the region who play a massive role in the global arms race and what exactly they specialize in.

BAE Systems

This organization is based in the United Kingdom and is one of the highest ranked arms manufacturers in the world primarily because it deals with equipment for aerospace and heavy armored combat as well. BAE systems do not only have contracts in Australia and the USA, but also in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Africa, where it claims to be the source of ammunition for the security forces for many countries.

Even the conventional combat equipment sold by BAE systems is very famous, it is mostly known for the highly technical weapons it builds. The organization has structures within other countries outside of the UK as well.


Standing for the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, the headquarters of this major weapon supplier is located jointly in the French Republic and Germany. As a supplier of small arms, EADS may not be as well-known as it is for its aeronautic designs and equipped aircrafts, but it is a major player in the world having markets all over the Europe as well as beyond into the Asian Pacific.

The company has also been known to work jointly with BAE Systems for the sake of developing complex designs like the Matra Missiles, and the two have collaborated on multiple fronts to supply small conventional weapons as well.


This is an arms manufacturer that is more famous for its deliveries and supplies of arms than it is for the production. Walther has both Defense Guns as well as tactical small weapons such as Pistols which it delivers in bulk to wherever it gets business from.

Diving into the sources of where Walther itself gets its weapons from may not be that easy, but Walther manufactures is very popular among the law enforcement agencies of Europe, because the weapons are as cutting edge and sophisticated as can be.

Chiappa Firearms

The EU’s arms manufacturing industry is indeed very well spread out, which is why the next major supplier in our list in terms of the bulk it supplies is Chiappa Firearms in Italy. The manufacturers are said to produce around a hundred thousand units of firearms annually.

A significant portion of the supplies of Chiappa constitutes of targeted shooting such as hunting and sporting, but law enforcement agencies have in Europe as well as America have found Chiappa to be a reliable supplier of excellent weapons, and today it is one of the most famous arms retailer in the world.