An Essential Guide to Playing Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

how to play guitar

If you’re one of those aspiring guitarists who have been inspired by Guns N’ Roses but has little to no idea as to how to handle a guitar, you’ve definitely landed to the right place. Watching guitarists play may seem simple but the process of actually learning is not; fortunately, it’s not impossible. Anyone can learn guitar as long as you have patience, perseverance, and the right guide.

Just as handling guns need some rules for safety, playing an acoustic guitar also has its set of tips for you to make use of it effectively. But first and foremost, you must secure a well-tuned guitar for you to work with. If you already have one, you may start checking out the guide below.

Holding the Guitar

One big problem for beginners is not knowing the right way of how to hold a guitar. Avoid slumping down the chair as this prevents you from making necessary movements as you play the instrument. Have a good posture while holding the guitar so you can have a proper reach of the strings. Although there is no absolute or universal way to hold a guitar; at the end of the day, you ought to hold it however you want as long as it is comfortable and it doesn’t restrict you from playing.


Hand positioning is important when it comes to playing the guitar. Many beginners tend to strum at the wrong place and thus, the sounds they make are lower in volume than it should be. At best, you should strum in the area of the guitar body which has a hole; this is to amplify the sounds.

It’s common for guitar players to simply use their fingers to strum but you can also make use of a pick if you want stronger sounds. However, you should learn the proper way of using the pick as this is not exactly that simple especially for beginners

how to use guitar pick

Using the Pick

The ideal and proper way to use a pick is by implementing a thumbs up sign. Once you’ve positioned your hand to that sign, simply put the pick on top of the side of your index finger and finally, place your thumb on top of the pick to hold it in place. Don’t fret if it takes you awhile to get used to this, it’s very common. If you want, you may also experiment on how you should hold the pick. You may use whatever is comfortable as long as it’s effective.

Learning Chords

In music, you’ll eventually have to learn about notes, chords, and tabs. For beginners who want to immediately be able to play songs however, chords is the best thing to learn first. Chords are much easier to understand than notes and tabs. Learning chords means learning how to position your fingers on the fret; in addition, you will also learn the purposes of each frets.

As you learn chords, stick to the basic and easiest ones to play first. For example, you may practice a simple song that has only 2-3 basic chords. This will help you get used to doing transitions from one chord to the next.


As you continue your journey to mastering guitar, you may also want to explore more guitar accessories such as guitar straps and even guitar amplifiers. Try visiting Mark Muller’s website for more information regarding this. At the end of the day, it’s important for you to practice, experiment, and explore your own unique ways of playing this popular instrument.